There’s not a lot of info out there on family band The Kimberlys. That would be less surprising if it wasn’t for that fact that they managed to win themselves a Grammy in 1970. The song in question was a version of MacArthur Park credited to Waylon Jennings And The Kimberleys, released as a single and on the 1969 RCA album Country-Folk. But despite a fruitful partnership with a bonafide country star the web doesn’t turn up much of anything on them. Hmmmm.

While it would be nice to know more about the group behind this 1970 LP New Horizons (the first of three released in their own right) we luckily know plenty about the songwriters behind the album’s standout track, After All.

Paul Williams and Roger Nichols are best known for their massive hits for The Carpenters (Rainy Days And Mondays, We’ve Only Just Begun, Let Me Be The One). The last two of the those songs appeared in demo form on the ultra rare (as in goes for $500 plus) LP We’ve Only Just Begun as released by the duo on the Almo label in 1970. Very few copies were pressed since it wasn’t a commercial release but a promotional tool for their publishing company Irving Music. As a calling card to drum up business for a new team of songwriters you can bet your bottom dollar the powers that be were putting what they thought was their best foot forward. So the fact that the first song on the first side is After All means they obviously held the song in high regard. As well they should, because it really is nigh perfect (as you can hear here).

The Kimberlys’ version is a much grander production and can be had for a much tinier amount of money. The country twinges and lush strings are accompanied by drums which sound like they’re somehow doing their thing in slow-motion. The singer is so laid back she’s horizontal, and drags the lyrics through the lethargic soulful groove. It’s a late night favorite round our house, and if you keep your eye on the bargain bin it could be one round yours too.

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